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HOKIPO Hand Gloves for Kitchen

HOKIPO Hand Gloves for Kitchen

Product Description

  • HOKIPO kitchen gloves for your cleaning, washing and gardening needs. Have a cotton lining inside (flocklined gloves) to keep your hands warm during winter
  • These PVC latex gloves protect not just your hands but also your wrists and forearms from water. These are ideal cleaning gloves, whether you are washing the dishes or cleaning up bathroom. Material used is PVC which is better than Latex.
  • HOKIPO glove is an ideal house cleaning product Suitable for Dishwashing, Cleaning Kitchen, Cleaning Bathroom, Cleaning Toilet, Washing Clothes, Gardening and Doing Other Household Chores
  • Washing gloves have to be able to handle not just soapy dishes but slippery detergent bottles and smooth plastic utensils. We have added tiny gripping nubs to the surface so you can manage them all with ease.
  • Package Contains 1 Pair of PVC Reusable Kitchen Gloves, Free Size. A Kitchen Product to make cleaning, washing and gardening easier for you

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